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Xi'an is the capital of the Caldari State. The original establishment of the city of Xi'an is rather unknown other than it was established during the rule of the Raata Empire, under Raata the Wise (Raata I). Over the ages, Xi'an was nothing more than backwater during the Imperial Presidency and the Democratic Plutocracy but once the civil war started and the Communist Coup against the Plutocracy, Xi'an rose to become the most important city once again. Xi'an is the People's Republics' largest construction project over less than time than during any other time period. The only other city to grow faster is that of Toro and New Saba in Sushiia. Few historic buildings of the Raata time period remain, the main example is the Imperial Palace in the direct center of the city, now occupied by the Supreme Overlord, Yakia Tovil-Toba.


[edit] The Wards

The Metropolis of Xi'an is made up of 23 special wards or prefectures which range from large residental zones to the busy commerical avenues of Downtown. Historically, each prefecture had one vote in the City Council but due to the Communist Takeover, each prefectures' votes are determined by the area's population and how many members of the Communist Party live in the confines of the Prefecure. These prefectures further split into districts.

  1. Tian'anmen (Administrative Centre/Embassy District/Commercial)
  2. Beiyuan (Commercial/Residential)
  3. Chaoyangmen (Commercial/Residential)
  4. Dongzhimen (Commercial/Residential)
  5. Fangzhuang (Residential)
  6. Fuchengmen (Residential)
  7. Huangpu (Industrial)
  8. Zhabei (Residential/Commercial)
  9. Pudong New Development Zone(Residental/Commercial/Industrial/Airport)
  10. Hongkou (Residential)
  11. Yangpu (Residential)
  12. Baoshan (Residential)
  13. Jiading (Residential/Industrial)
  14. Songjiang (Industrial)
  15. Qingpu (Residential/Commercial)
  16. Wangfujing (Residential/Commercial)
  17. Xidan (Residential/Commercial)
  18. Nanhui (Residental/Commercial/Industrial)
  19. Fengxian (Residental/Commercial/Industrial)
  20. Xinzhuang (Residental)
  21. Sijing (Residental/Industrial)
  22. Pengpu (Residental/Commercial)
  23. Putuo New Development Zone (Residental/Commercial/Industrial)

[edit] Important Buildings and Locations of Xi'an


Above: XINDA Oriental TV Broadcasting Tower Pudong New Development Zone


Above: Raata Imperial Palace (Now Communist Party Headquarters) Tian'anmen


Above: National People's Congress' Tian'anmen


Above: Jin Mao Tower (Dynastic International Headquarters Building) Beiyuan


Above: Shinjuku Crossing Beiyuan

[edit] Transportation in Xi'an

[edit] Xi'an Subway


The Subway is the primary mass transportation system in the capital. While there are buses, the subways run 24/7 and are always faster than asphalt traffic above. The XMTA is in charge in all operations of mass transit in terms of bus, ferry, tram and subway and makes sure that all operations run ontime and without fault.

The Xi'an Subway Network is made up of 6 subway lines, crisscrossing the expanse of the central and outer sectors of the metropolis. Listed below are the lines, their color and their termini.

  • Line 1 (Red): Pugunbyol to Hwanggumbol
  • Line 2 (Blue): Admiralty to Pudong. Further Service from Pudong to Airport
  • Line 3 (Orange): Tsang Yi to Olympic Park
  • Line 4 (Purple): Onsu to Diamond Hill
  • Line 5 (Green): Tiu Lung to Xi Chung Ying
  • Line 6 (Silver): Hin Hau Housing Development to Muxidi

Further expansion of the subway network is already being planned by the XMTA and will expand more into the surrounding suburbs of Xi'an and adding more lines through the central areas of the city. All trips within the XMTA system is 2 Taels. This fare carries over to buses and intercity express trains.

[edit] Xi'an Subway Map


[edit] Pudong International Airport


Xi'an-Pudong International Airport (XIA) is the main international and domestic airport located in the eastern part of the Pudong New Development Zone in the Metropolis of Xi'an. Xi'an International Airport has three terminals, two for domestic and one for international travel and carries 80 million people each year. The Xi'an Central Committee has just approved the construction of a new terminal just for Caldari Airlines, this project will be completed in 2010.

Airlines: Caldari Airlines, Corporate United Airlines, Latagonian National Airways, Vladavia, Air Koyro, HectAir, BizJet...

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